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 Because of COVID-19, we have temporarily closed our shop for regular day-to-day use. However, we still want to offer our customers the best sports equipment. That’s why we’ve created an appointment-based system. One member of staff will meet with one household at a time, whilst maintaining social distancing and correct hygiene measures.

Starting from Tuesday the 2nd of June, we are now offering appointments for you to come and visit us. From 10 – 3, you can book a 20-minute appointment with us, Tuesday – Saturday.

We are building in 10-minute gaps between appointments to ensure there are no crossovers between customers and to give us time to sterilise, in order to keep everyone safe. A maximum of 3 people from one household can attend. If you think you’ll be longer than 20 minutes, feel free to double book!

We want to maintain social distancing, whilst providing you with quality sports and fitness equipment to keep you happy and healthy. Hand washing practices, protective equipment, and social distancing will be maintained at all appointments.

Book your appointment here!